Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Jana Home Alone

This weekend I had the whole house to myself...Well at least from Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon! And it was amazing! No screaming children in the morning (my room is right next to the living room, so I can hear everything!), using the bathroom when I want... I just love having the house to myself! But only for a few days...than it's getting boring ;-) Oh, by the way...I guess ur wondering why I'm writting in English and not in lovely hostmum from Australia wants to read it too, right Jamie? ;-) Maybe I should already apologize, cause I'm pretty sure I'm still gonna make lots of mistakes...but..whatever...
Friday night Sarah and I met up at the mall and we were supposed to watch Hangover part 2 at Dine-In-Theatres. But of course it was sold out =/ Our next choice 'Bridemaids' was also sold out and so we ended up watching 'Jumping the Broom'...good movie...but Hangover is hard to beat!
My hostfamily left Saturday morning for a little trip to Philadelphia and that meant I could do anything I wanted! I got the house to myself :) After hanging out a little I went to the gym for a great workout and the rest of the day I spent at the mall. And since Monday was a public holiday, we had a long weekend and EVERYONE was on a trip...So I didn't do really much Saturday night. Sunday morning I slept in and went to the gym again, before I met up with Johanna. After our great shopping tour we went to the movies (again) and finally watched Hangover part 2 :) Fortunately we pre-ordered the tickets a couple hours ago, cause it was completely sold out again! And reallyyy have to watch that movie! It's just awesome! We laughed all the time!
Like I already said, Monday was a public holiday and so I didn't have to work :) What was the first thing I did on Monday morning? Right..I went to the gym :P But I wasn't able to really enjoy it, cause I had to hurry a little cause Sarah came to my place around noon and we drove to the beach together! It was the first time we went to beach here and it's just a dream! 40min by car and you're at the beach. Awesome!! After spending most of the day at the beach we decided to get frozen yogurt before heading back home. 35°C...a day off...beach...that's a life! :)


California I'm comiiiiing!! Tomorrow I'm gonna go to visit my lovely Mimi ♥ It's gonna be amazing!! I'm so looking forward =)
And 4 more weeks and then my two lovely brothers are coming ♥

Oh...did I tell you already about my "great" gym visit around 2 weeks ago? Hostfamily goes to the same gym as me...and a couple of weeks ago my hostdad was on a trip and my hostmum had to work longer, so I had to take the kids to their swim classes. No problem, cause I wanted to go the gym after work anyway...So I packed all the swim stuff in Sarah's backpack and we drove to the gym. A couple of minutes after we arrived at the gym my hostmum joined us there and so I was done working and started working out. Everything went pretty well till I was done working out and I walked to my car to drive back home. to drive back home without the car keys?! Where did I put the car keys? Sarah's backpack! Great Jana! So I called my hostmum and told her that I've a little problem...20min later my hostmum arrived the second time that day at the gym and gave me my car keys...typical Jana! Fortunately she wasn't angry...she said it could have happened to her, too! 

I hope you could understand everything! I'm sure there are lots of mistakes ;-)

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